lotions, moisturizers, creams, crèmes? Which one do I use and which one is best.  Bathetopia likes to keep simple yet effective ingredients without wax or parabens to block our pores.  Bathetopia lotions are incredibly moisturizing after the first use — and we tell you the exact ingredients.  bathetopia hand & body lotion is enriched with vitamins c & e, and our in shower lotion is enriched with  aloe vera plant extract. both of the lotions are lanolin free! My favorite is the in shower lotion because it has a pump of organic apricot kernal oil and works great as a full body moisturizer.  This lotion is also easy to use because you apply in the shower right before you step out to dry — no rinsing needed!  It truly leaves your entire body and skin silky smooth and oh so soft!  We can definitely see why it’s our number one seller!

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