for the home

Our home is a place we all want to call “a little heaven on earth”!  our safe place, the place we let our hair down and want to relax and enjoy our “me time”!  fragrances in our home can be key to our mood & emotions for the morning or evening.  Bathetopia room & linen spray is perfect for freshening up a room or spraying your unique signature scent on your pillow and sheets to create a perfect smelling sleep environment. Do the dishes need washing? At bathetopia, you can create your own spotless dish soap to turn the dreaded chore into one that will put a smile on your face. You can also get a bottle of bathetopia’s across-the-house multi-purpose cleaner, which is an anti-bacterial, biodegradable, and anti-fogging mixture that is truly a product you can use anywhere in the house — and, as always, you can customize it with your own scent. One of our best products is “pu pretty,” which is perfect for the restroom. It’s a toilet barrier spray that will keep your bathroom smelling incredibly fresh and clean.

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