your face is beautiful! better yet, your skin is beautiful!  that’s what we all want to hear, especially when fine lines are appearing.  not to worry, bathetopia’s new skin care line has you covered. bathetopia coconut crème facial washor activated charcoal mask is excellent for deep cleansing and exfoliating the dead skin cells off while leaving your face rejuvenated, smooth and oh-so-nice. of course, with a light citrus scent, the aroma is sure to boost and improve your mood!  It’s a wonderful little treat at the beginning or end of your day!  our charcoal facial bar is great for detoxifying your skin and has lavender, tea tree & orange essential oils, which is great for acne issues. bathetopia night and day creme with organic coconut oil, mango & shea butter with essential oils of orange, neroli & jasmine assures much-needed moisture to your face. then, right before bed, apply bathe’s vitamin e stick to the eyes and lips to wake up with your face fresh and moisturized to start a new day.

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