Bathetopia exfoliating salt scrub is a well-balanced mixture of bath oils, a, d & e lotion, walnut scrub, and extra moisturizing hair and body shampoo. It’s easy to design your signature scent and let the adventure begin!  Pick your exfoliating day of the week, mark it on your calendar because your senses will light up. Your entire body will be oh-so-soft, smooth, and luxurious from head to toe.

On the other days, you can use our gentle face and body exfoliation, which is a coconut based walnut scrub. It also works great for your spouse as a beard and face scrub! It’s gentle on the skin, but still works to remove daily dirt, grime, and makeup! You’ve got dinner tonight, and you want a little pick me up! Bathe’s coffee scrub to the rescue!

If you haven’t had a chance to create your own signature scent, you can try our product and scent sampler. Choose five fragrances you want to try and Bathetopia will mix those fragrances in five random Bathetopia products.  It’s a five-in-one experience of Bathetopia favorite fragrance blends in five different products.

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