about bathetopia

diverge from the ordinary . . .

it’s time your bath, body, home, and pet goods exceeded your expectations. diverge from ordinary, store-bought, harsh and toxic body products. 

at bathetopia you design your bath and body care products your way. you choose the scents, colors and products and a bathetopia artisan will custom blend them for you. choose from natural bath soaks, bath salts, mists, moisturizers, scrubs and more.

it’s ok to be choosy about the products you use. we are too!
find your fragrance and discover your bathetopia bias.

why choose bathe?

the world is full of fragrances and products created for the masses by chemists in laboratories. the question is, “are they choosing ingredients and scents that revitalize you without causing harm and irritation?”

we have more than 150 premium fragrances and essential oils available to you to create your own fragrance