bathetopia is simply . . .

custom bath products designed by you!

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choose a bathetopia favorite blend in our most popular bath products

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get creative and design your own signature scent to put in your favorite bathetopia bath prdoucts

Create your own scent

Feeling creative? choose one of our products and create your own scent. Browse our scents & tints page to choose the blend that is uniquely yours.

monthly special

May Special

give mom the bathetopia experience!

mom is going to love this! the bathetopia shower bundle is made up of some of our most popular products. sea salt scrub – in shower lotion – hair & body shampoo – body mist. these products are made with the highest quality 90% orgainic ingredients, all natural fragrances and/or 100% pure essential oils. go ahead! treat mom with the best customized gift ever! treat her with BATHETOPIA!